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Creating with ArtZdoodle

ArtZdoodle is an imaginative world of discovery where children can create, experiment, find inspiration, make a mess and have fun as they learn more about art and artists.


ArtZdoodle art lessons, art enrichment camps, and birthday parties offer children the chance to explore their creativity and learn about art, discovering the amazing history behind many famous artists.


ArtZdoodle owner and art teacher Para La Russa loves working with children. She's happiest in the art room working with kids - together they always have fun!

Afterschool Art Lessons | Kids Art Classes | Bay Area | ArtZdoodle
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'You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.' Maya Angelou

Art Lessons

Students are taught valuable skills in the ArtZdoodle art room. Not just how to mix colors or draw in perspective, which is a challenge for all, but how to cope when ideas don’t pan out, how to ask for help, how to visualize, and how to plan ahead.


Students learn to persevere; they learn stamina and creative thinking. They learn to make something completely original by combining new and prior knowledge – a skill they will need in the real world.


After School Art Enrichment Lessons

ArtZdoodle after-school art enrichment lessons are a blend of new and old ideas, with coordinating music that inspire each lesson. A piece of art history is included in each lesson that demonstrates who and where the techniques used in the class came from, and when it was created.


A story accompanies the lesson to give the budding artist a chance to reflect and ask questions. Each week the lesson plan is based on a particular theme, giving enough structure to ensure success and enough freedom for independent creativity. Students are always encouraged to completely finish their work, with their goal to do their personal best.

SAN MATEO (Hopefully Jan 2021)

  • Tuesday classes are held at Washington Elementary from 2:10-3:30
  • Thursday classes are currently held at McKinley from 3:10-4:30
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays classes are through Burlingame Parks and Rec. Click on this link to register .

BRENTWOOD (Hopefully Jan 2021)

  • Friday Art Enrichment classes ages 4.5-12 are held in Mrs. La Russa’s Home Art Studio in Brentwood (address given upon registration)
  • Friday “Mommy and Me Art”  ages 0-4 classes are held in the New Brentwood Library from 10:15-11:00 (STARTING 
  • (Go online to the Brentwood Rec to register for these classes when available- TBD)


Private Art Lessons

Does your child need quality one-on-one time with an art teacher who can help them take their art skills to the next level? Some children respond better in a more focused environment, where they don’t feel shy about displaying their creativity or asking questions.


Whether it’s for a particular school project, or just for educational enjoyment ArtZdoodle offers personalized, private one-on-one art lessons at the ArtZdoodle Art Studio in the bay area. Mrs. La Russa will come to your residence for only $50 an hour.


Private art lessons are available Tuesdays and Thursdays in the bay area after school and in Brentwood on Monday and Fridays. Email or call for availability.


Contact ArtZdoodle Today

Ready to schedule art lessons for your child?  Have questions?

Contact us at [email protected] or call 650-918-0329.