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Creating with ArtZdoodle

ArtZdoodle is an imaginative world of discovery where children can create, experiment, find inspiration, make a mess and have fun as they learn more about art and artists.


ArtZdoodle art lessons, art enrichment camps, and birthday parties offer children the chance to explore their creativity and learn about art, discovering the amazing history behind many famous artists.


ArtZdoodle owner and art teacher Para La Russa loves working with children. She's happiest in the art room working with kids - together they always have fun!


Our Policies


Class Confirmations

Confirmations will be sent by email upon receipt of your registration. If your requested class is full, we will contact you shortly after the receipt of your registration to consult with you on alternative plans. Please complete and bring your confirmation letter on the first day of class for check-in. It contains information we need to serve your child.


Absences, Refunds & Credits

Credit will be given for cancellations received by email at least two weeks prior to the start of your class. If your child is absent, we cannot prorate tuition or offer make up classes during the summer program. No refund or credit is given to students who are asked to leave the program due to behavioral problems.



There is a $10 admin fee per change request per child. Change requests must be received by two weeks in advance, accompanied by the administrative fee, in order to be considered. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. If classes are full for the new week you request, we will call you to discuss alternatives. A credit for the tuition will be given if a suitable week cannot be found.



ArtZdoodle prides itself on offering a structured program with a curriculum and lesson plans that include a schedule of instruction and work periods. These all work together to help students achieve creative productivity. We are not an open studio or a day care. If your child arrives late, leaves early or misses days, they will possibly miss out on finishing their project, or they may have trouble catching up to their peers. This can be distressing to most children. Please try to send your child to all the sessions they sign up for and minimize late arrivals and early departures. We appreciate it!


Arrival/Departure Times

It is vitally important that you bring your child no earlier than the start time of their program and pick them up promptly at their designated pick-up time. Early and late fees of $1 per minute will be billed if students are present outside their enrolled time periods. If you are early or late please call so we can be aware of the situation. We are not responsible for children dropped off outside of actual registered time. There will be extended care for anyone who needs it. (You can enroll on the “Sign up” page under the Extended Care button) 8:30-9:30am and 1:30-3:00pm.


Insufficient Registration

We reserve the right to cancel a class or break camp session if there is insufficient enrollment. If this happens, we will return your tuition.



Please remember to sign your child in and out each day on the clipboard outside the classroom. {If you must drop off or pick up your child early from camp, please advise myself or one of the councilors that your child is leaving or arriving in addition to signing in/out on the clipboard.} This is for your child’s security; we must insist on your cooperation!



Please make sure to pack a lunch for your child every day. A healthy snack and fresh lemonade will be provided for them every day. Please make a note when registering if your child is allergic to anything.


Dress Code

Wear clothes that can get dirty, we will not be responsible for any soiled items. This is Art camp and we can get messy!



We have a seriously creative approach to art; please attend with a focused attitude. Behavior that disrupts the orderly operation and interferes with a student’s ability to participate in art instruction and/or constitutes bullying will not be tolerated, whether it is directed toward staff, other students or property. If your child cannot control their behavior, and/or needs constant attention to do so, we will contact you and require you to pick up your child immediately. There is no refund or credit for a child asked to leave the program for behavioral reasons. ArtZdoodle strives to create a safe, welcoming environment for all students where teachers and students can direct their energies toward making art.


Discount for San Mateo & Brentwood Camps

San Mateo ~ Your first child’s tuition is full price and any additional children will receive $30 off. Also if you sign up your child for more than one camp the first camp is regular price and every week after will be discounted to $30 off.


Brentwood ~ Your first child’s tuition is full price and any additional children will receive $25 off.


Marketing/Social Media Disclosure

Students, Parents and/or Guardians of minors will give permission to the Owner of ArtZdoodle to use their child’s photos or works of art on our website, Social Media, or in books, teaching materials, brochures, flyers or other forms for marketing and/or teaching purposes.